Main objectives of Friends of the Murrough:

We wish to protect and enhance our coastal paths and create new recreational amenities for the public. We hope to achieve this through an application for a Special Area Amenity Order for the Murrough, extending to Wicklow Head. If this order is secured we hope to have fixed walkways with boardwalks where necessary together with established rights of way/rights to roam. It would also be our ambition to establish a coastal walk from Bray to Wicklow Town along with a park/nature reserve for the Broadlough area.

We at Friends of the Murrough would be very grateful if all those who are concerned about our coastal walks at Wicklow could sign our petition and help to expedite the preservation of this wonderful amenity area and the re-establishment all of the traditional walkways.

Why should a Special Amenity Order be necessary?

Any visitor to Wicklow Town, on ascending to the scenic view car park will always marvel at the view and the spectacular setting of our town, which is almost without parallel on this island. Truly, this is the Garden of Ireland, but how have we valued our heritage? The long curve of the bay stretches out in front of us with its adjacent hinterland situated between sea and lakes; this is known as the Murrough and it extends as far as Kilcoole railway station.


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